How to Start a Blog? Step by Step Guide for Beginners 2019

How to Start a Blog

Do you need an easy step-by-step guide on how to make a blog? Here is a free guide with practical methods for you. So, are you ready to learn how to start a blog? Great! So here we go with our plan. It is a great guide for beginners and effective in 2019. 

How to Start a Blog

When you see those colorful blogs with lots of ads and posts, you feel overwhelmed. Hence, you think it is almost impossible to make a blog like those successful sites. In fact, the matter is never that difficult. With proper knowledge of blogging and a little focus, you can make your own blog in less than half an hour.

Everyone starts at zero.  This is not possible that you are an expert of everything you see in this world. Actually, a few little steps and some efforts can let you do anything you like. So, it should not be overwhelming to make a blog.

How to start a Blog and Impress Your Friends

Do you know that once you make your blog successfully, your friends will be impressed! So, for making an impressive blog understand the following first:

  • A blog is all about information on ONE specific topic.
  • Interesting and valuable information only makes a blog impressive.
  • A blog is mostly about personal opinions and experiences on one specific topic. So, write freely with dense information for your audience.
  • A blog is a direct connection between a blogger and his audience.
  •  If you are serious about how to make a blog popular, interact with your readers directly and share with them your ideas.
  • A blog creates strong links between the blogger and his audience.
  • A blog can make money for you.

So, now you know how to start a blog that impresses your friends and earns you money, too in the future.

Nothing is Impossible, Just Make a Decision

But, wait! There is one misconception among the people that you can make a great blog only if you are a great writer. Absolutely wrong! Yes, you should be a truthful person to be a great blogger but not necessarily a great writer.

Write in a friendly manner and give correct information is the key to success. In fact, people love to find an easy style with straight information that benefits them. So, be passionate about your topic and write useful posts.

Get ready as now you are going to read the actual steps of making a great blog of your own. Here are 6 steps which are very basic and important in your way to be a smart blogger:

1.    Find a Describing Blog Name

First of all, find a good name that describes the key topic of your blog. Actually, the blog titles follow the topic. So, if you have chosen a topic from your hobbies like gardening or horse riding, your blog name should show your topic. For example”

So, you can see that when you make a blog title that clearly shows the topic of your blog, people find it easily. Moreover, making a blog name with familiar words makes it easier for visitors to remember its name.

The most important thing that gives you an upper hand when you search how to make a blog is the choice of topic. Always remember that this is your blog and you should make it about something that you know very well or you love very much. Hence, you are able to choose a name for it that reflects the blog topic.

All the internet surfers who are interested in the knowledge that your blog offers will easily find your blog because of its theme related title.

Make your passion for income by starting a blog.

If you have a personal story or skill to share with people, then add your name to the title. For example, you have a long experience of working as a welfare volunteer. Now, you want to create a blog and share your wonderful experience with people. How will you name it?

These ideas look great!

Once you have decided a blog name you can get an extension like .org, .net, .com etc.

Your blog name is called a domain name. But, sometimes the domain name that you choose is already taken. Enter your chosen name on and the site will tell you if the domain is available. In this case, is unique and you can get in $8.99 only.

How to Start a Blog

2.    Publish Your Blog Online

Choose Your Host to Start a Blog

So, now your blog name is ready. It is time that you simply launch it online. In fact, it is an easy step but people find it difficult because of some tech matters that are involved in it.

Do you know web host or blog host services? You need to connect to a blog host online where the entire files of your blog will be saved. Hence, this host is responsible to show your blog to the visitors who browse for visiting your blog. Actually, you also need blogging software which will help you complete the technical steps easily.

So, once you get in the process of how to start your blog, this little technical information will help you take care of your blog. In fact, the blogging software helps you build the entire frame and structure of your blog. Indeed the best blogging software in the market that lets you create a blog in a step by step process is WordPress software.

As now we are in the step of launching your blog, we suggest you get hosting services from BlueHost. This host can give you a low rate for great services. They have different packages and different rates.

So, you can choose with your ease according to your budget. Hence, fill the registration form and create your password.

Choose Your Blogging Software:

After completing the process of registration and all, you need to know how to start a blog on WordPress. Actually, this needs the installation of WordPress and then you start building your website. For this, click on “Start Building.” If you have difficulties to make your site live from the scratch you can hire a freelance at Fiverr because it is cheap than other freelancing sites. Follow the link below to hire a Fiverr freelancer by purchasing a gig.

Check it out! Who will create a WordPress website design for $35 on #Fiverr

3.    How to Start a Blog – Customizing

You need to log into your WordPress software so that you have an excess to your blog. Type your URL, it looks like below. You can also go to your new Blog website and write /wp-admin after your URL.

BlueHost has sent you an email with your login details. So, when you start login, check your email for the password and username.  

This step is all about designing your blog by using the right accentuating designs. Actually, the visitors look at your blog’s design and beauty when they first land there. So, make sure that you make it attractive and matching with the topic that you have chosen. You can get this service also with above Fiverr freelancer for creating a cool website.

Designing is Important to start a Blog

The process of designing is easy. Additionally, you need a theme or a blog layout. Do you know what a theme is? Indeed, a theme is the design of your blog. Themes are for free and for sale both. Here, you have the freedom of designing your blog and even changing the theme whenever you want to.

Without feeling confused as from where and how to get a theme, you will find several themes already installed there for your blog. So, you choose any one of them as they will let you go set by step in how to start your blog design.

You will see a lot of free themes are already installed and available on your blog: Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, etc. These are well-designed, great-looking themes that can work for any type of blog. In fact, most of the top bloggers use one of these themes for their websites. Or you can install any free theme that you find from your internet search. Among these, I will suggest you 2 themes which I like the most.

  1. Astra Theme
  2. Ocean Wp

These both themes are very nice for multi-purpose and I have personally used and can say that these are very easy to customize and very good looking themes in the list.

4.    How to Start a Blog with a Great Post

Congratulations! You have a new running blog online. So, it is time to start writing your very first post and adding this to your blog. In fact, there is already a post on default which you can send to trash.

Click “Add New” button on your WordPress dashboard and write your post with all the options of font, headings, images position, etc.  How to write a blog post that attracts visitor? As we mentioned above, keep it truthful, straight, and simple. Hence, many people will like it and share it!

The Page of the new post is super clear in its instructions. So, you know here to put a title and where to manage the body of the post.

Adding the Good Images to Your Blog helps More Visitors

Do not forget to add royalty free images or buy images from Shutterstock. Indeed, your post needs some bright, high-quality images to look attractive.

For adding an image you click on “Add Media” and upload the images. After uploading, you can fix every image in a place you like in the post.

Here you need to know some SEO tips to make your post easily searchable in Google and other search engines. You can use Yoast SEO plugin, one of the most popular and nice SEO plugin in WordPress.

Proofread your post for the last time. Then, click “Preview” to see it looks like. So, you like it? Now, click “Publish!”

Hurray! Your post has gone live on the internet!

This is the coolest way to know how to start a blog as a beginner.

5.    How to Start a Blog and Promote It

Well, you have published a blog now. However, people still don’t know that you have started blogging.

Then you also need to add your new post link to the Google search console to tell Google about your post. It is a great way to make your post reachable in Google.

So, now you can promote your blog by posting links to it in your social media accounts. Also, you can ask a popular friend blogger to give a shoutout for your blog on his blog or video. 

Allow your readers to comment because this is interesting for readers to give their opinion. Moreover, you should reply to every comment to show that your readers are important to you.

So, write a post every couple of days and send its links to friends through social media and your emails. This is how to start a blog and make it popular.


It is easy to do anything but it is hard to decide what to do. So, Just get in and start working from today, you will get the way and finally get fame and earnings. If you need any help in this regards, feel free to contact us, we definitely help you in creating a website and posting your article to your blog.

If this article was helpful and appreciated, share it to your friends and a comment would be nice.

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